Haberdashery is an award-winning London based design studio focused on the perpetual appeal of light. Hab specialise in a poetic approach to lighting and have a 25+ team qualified in industrial or product design, engineering, research and product development. The team all share a love of light and push themselves to find new ways to harness it to transform how we can all perceive space, colour and form. Over the past 10+ years, Haberdashery have circumnavigated the world, delivering more than 450 projects, installing work in over 30 countries in locations that are diverse, challenging and unique.

Studio Feel is now partnered with Haberdashery for projects in the UAE and Middle East.  Let us collaborate with you to conceptualize unique, breathtaking, large scale sculptural installations with light; Every design will be completely unique to your concept and vision. 

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Haberdashery Installation



Haberdashery studio weaves light to create emotional connections with an audience. By challenging what is possible with light through the creative use of the latest technologies and materials, blended with age-old techniques and effects, we develop carefully researched narratives into our award-winning sculptures and products.

We prioritise creative thinking based on research and experimentation so that our designs feel original and challenge conventions. We seek out inspiring narratives to help inform our designs, whether for external clients or within our own designs. Our creative voice is strong, but we are also adept at collaborating with clients who commission us in order to go on a journey of discovery together. Every design to come out of our studio is based on sound engineering mixed with the inspired handling of light as a medium. 

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Sand & Sea configurations combine clusters of rippled translucent crystal components with luxurious precious metal finishing to echo the shared forms of dunes and waves.

Inspired by the shared forms of dunes and waves, Sand & Sea was designed to evoke the textures of these landscapes and their natural meeting point. Individual ripples are formed from crystal glass, which was chosen for its aesthetic clarity and inherent narrative driven links to the elements being portrayed. 
Let us show you how Sand + Sea can work for your project.



Custom Bloom configurations contain illuminated porcelain buds arranged to complement a variety of interiors.

Bloom commissions range from large scale installations inhabiting entire rooms in commercial interiors to feature lighting in residential projects.‎ We collaborate with your design teams on the compositions to create narrative driven designs with intrinsic links to their physical and emotional environments.‎
Let us show you how Bloom can be designed within your project.