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Project 01

Collective 2.0 by EMAAR

EMAAR developed a completely new co-living concept for Dubai.  The Collective buildings are designed to have large co-living areas that include lounge and social areas, cinema and gaming areas, co-working desks and a reading and library area. Our team worked with interior designer Ibrahim El Shareef to consult, design and deliver an eclectic mix of artwork and sculptures.  We wanted a really eclectic mix of works that felt comfortable, homely and fun... the target apartment residents were young and professional. 

Studio Feel sourced, designed, procured and styled all the accessories.  The library and shelving units were filled with over 1200 real books, all carefully curated so it is an active space that residents can use. We also sourced over 3000 quirky and vintage accessories.

We worked with some great artists on this project. 

Serkan Anykol

Curly Mark

Shezzy Chauhdry

Sandhya Sethu

Angela Bardakjian

Artbeat Gallery

Photography by Keir Harris 


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